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Elliptical tube plug

Product Features:

Size: 15*25, 15*30, 16.34, 20*30, 20*40, 25*50, 30*60, 30*70MM 


Supply Ability:200000pcs/Month

Delivery Time:7-25days

Place of Origin:China Guangdong

Payment Terms:Western Union, T/T,Paypal, D/A, D/P


Packaging Details:PE bag/PVC bag/Color Box package

Product Details:

Production of various types of furniture plastic parts, such as: plastic pipe plugs, furniture pipe plugs, round pipe plugs, square pipe plugs, oval pipe plugs, pipe jackets, chair foot covers, curved pipe plugs, environmentally friendly pipe plugs, adjustable feet, ground Nail, sofa legs, suction cups, plugs, row of skeleton bed rubber sleeves, plated pipe plugs, expansion rubber compounds, gaskets, foot pads, wheels, various styles, complete specifications, sufficient inventory, inexpensive, and regular The color is black, other colors can be customized, can open molds on behalf of customers, processing and production, factory direct sales, price concessions! If you have any questions, please feel free to pull the industry.

Tel: We are always waiting for you to come to the factory!

Professional to undertake a variety of furniture plastic parts processing (such as: plastic pipe plug, furniture pipe plug, round pipe plug, square pipe plug, elliptical pipe plug, pipe jacket, chair foot cover, curved pipe plug, environmental protection pipe plug, adjustable foot , nails, sofa feet, suction cups, plugs, row of skeleton bed rubber sleeves, plated pipe plugs, expansion rubber, gaskets, foot pads, wheels) and injection molding mold manufacturing, etc. can be developed on behalf of the product. Welcome to inquire

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