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Furniture Lifter for Sofas Couches and Refrigerators


Supply Ability:200000pcs/Month

Delivery Time:7-25days

Place of Origin:China Guangdong

Payment Terms:Western Union, T/T,Paypal, D/A, D/P


Packaging Details:PE bag/PVC bag/Color Box package

Product Details:

Furniture Lifter-Heavy Duty-Easy Moving Pads-SofaRefrigerator

Moving Pads, Moving tools, furniture moving mat, moving sofa cushion, Furniture Lifter-Heavy Duty-Easy Moving Pads

This set will help you lift furniture with 10 times your natural strength! Protect your back and easily move items that are are difficult to grip, such as sofas, tables, fridges, stoves, bookcases, beds, chairs, desks, and more.

Protects floors and carpets! Mover pads have a sleek bottom surface for gliding easily, while a grippy foam pad on the top side holds furniture in place during the move. Prevent scratches, scrapes, rips, and marks on wood floors and carpeting.

Reusable! Useful for cleaning, rearranging, and moving. Set contains one furniture lifter and 16 sliding mover pads in varying sizes and shapes for any job, big or small. Can be left in place for furniture that you frequently move to clean, or removed and reused with other pieces of furniture during a move or room reorganization

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