Baby safety animal door stopper


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Product Name:Child Protection Series Safety Door Card

Material: EVA

Specifications: about 10.5*10.5*1.5cm

Product packaging: OPP bag

Product weight: 7G

Product use: A lovely and practical to prevent the door from closing suddenly, injuring the baby's finger or being thought of as the door card of Shanghai.

Colors: red ladybug, yellow tiger, orange giraffe, green butterfly, coffee monkey, blue seal, white cow

Tips: Manual measurement of some errors, please understand!


Usage: Installation position 1: Installed on the door, 15cm away from the door.

Installation position 2: Installed on the side of the door where the baby can not reach.

● Prevent the door from closing abruptly, injuring your baby's finger or other injuries

● Prevent the door from closing suddenly and lock the baby in the house


 To prevent the door from colliding with the wind when the wind blows, and to avoid the noise of the collision, to prevent the children from being locked, to be in danger in the room, and to enter and exit the room door, and to close the door.

     The baby began to learn to walk full of curiosity and exploration of the world, but also love to play cat games with her mother, with this security card, no longer worry about the baby's fingers were caught in the door, careful parents must be prepared for the baby stand up!

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