Snail security door stopper


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Very good value and practical one door file Oh, cute snail shape, careful mother ready for the baby

   To prevent the door from colliding with the wind when the wind blows, and to avoid the noise of the collision, to prevent the children from being locked, to be in danger in the room, and to enter and exit the room door, and to close the door.

      The baby began to learn to walk full of curiosity and exploration of the world, but also love to play cat games with her mother, with this security card, no longer worry about the baby's fingers were caught in the door, careful parents must be prepared for the baby stand up!


In daily life, the accidental injuries often encountered by fingers in the door are particularly common in children. Improper handling can cause a lot of unnecessary pain and sequelae.

With the snail file, no longer have to worry about such a problem. Oh, it can also be used as a hook. It is very convenient.

[Specifications] Long:6CM, High:3CM

[color] a pack of three different colors yellow blue red, more than 600 optional colors

[material] soft plastic

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