Rectangular tube plug


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Delivery: 10~15 days

Minimum Order: 1000pcs

The common rectangular tube plug specification is 10 x 20,10 x 30,10 x 40,10 x 50,13 * 26,13 * 30,15 x 30,15 x 30,20 x 40,20 x 50,20 x 100,25 x 50,25 x 50,25 x 50,30 x 50,30 x 70,30 x 80,40 x 60,40 x 60,40 x 80,50 x 100,60 x 100MM, Widely used Yu Gangmu furniture, metal furniture, fitness equipment, shelf, student beds, desks and chairs, shelves, computer stage desk, beach chair, hardware, wrought iron, beauty equipment, household goods and other industries.

The color is mainly black, some specifications are white, gray, can be customized to various colors and specifications. Welcome the customers to inquire, our factory can also according to your sample or drawing mold and injection molding production.

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