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Teflon Glides

PTFE Teflon Sliders Chair Glides Nail on easy Glides

  • Category:Teflon Glides
  • Product ID:NO.WLY-30
  • Size: 19mm,22mm,25mm,30mm,38mm,50mm
  • Color:Grey
  • Material:teflon PTFE
  • MOQ:1000PCS(Accept small order)
  • Supply Ability:200000pcs/Month
  • Delivery Time:7-15days
  • Port:FOB ShenZhen,China;
  • Place of Origin:China Guangdong
  • Payment Terms:Western Union, T/T,Paypal, D/A, D/P
  • Packaging Details:PE bag/PVC bag/Color Box package


1.Sliding: Teflon pads have a good sliding, allowing you to move your furniture, fast and easy.

2. moisture resistance: Teflon pad does not touch water and oil, such as sticking a small amount of dirt, simple wipe to clear.

3.wear resistance: Under high load, with excellent wear resistance. Under certain loads, it has the dual advantages of wear resistance and non-adhesion.

4. Corrosion Resistance: Teflon pads are almost free of chemicals and can protect furniture against any kind of chemical corrosion.

Material: Teflon+Rubber

All sizes:

1. Self-adhesive

Round 19/22/25/30/40/50/65/70/80mm

Square 20*20mm, 25*25mm, 30*30mm, 40*40mm, 50*50mm

Rectangle: 25*35mm, 25*100mm

Triangle: 35*35*45mm

2. Screw on the screws

Round: 19/22/25/30/38/50/65mm

Square: 25*25mm, 30*30mm, 40*40mm

Triangle: 35*35*45mm

3. Nail style

Round: 19/22/25/30/40mm

Square: 25*25mm, 30*30mm, 40*40mm

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